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3 things to know about tattoo removal

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Laser Tattoo Removal is the proven technology if you decide to get rid of your ink.

There are 3 important things to know before you begin the process though…

1.  The type of laser.  Only Q-Switch or Pico lasers are intended for tattoo removal.  Q-Switch ND Yag being the gold standard proven technology.  Lasers that work in the nano-second range (IPL, Hair Removal Lasers, etc) can cause a severe burn on a tattoo and result in scarring.

2.  How long has the person been using a tattoo removal laser…  Knowing what the tissue response should look like, and the variables of skin color, ink color, etc are very important.  It really takes experience to achieve the best results.

3.  Length of time between treatments.  Because the laser is shattering the ink particles, which are re-absorbed by your bodies lymph system, the process takes time.  A minimum of 6 weeks between visits is recommended.  If you try to speed up the process, you will just end up needing more treatments.

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