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Removing a New Tattoo

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Every day, I get calls about removing a brand new tattoo.  If you are reading this post before your skin has healed, here’s what to do immediately…

  1.  Apply hydrogen peroxide several times per day with an abrasive wash cloth or paper towel. If you are seeing ink on the towel, gently rub to coax the ink out of the skin.  Don’t be too aggressive, you don’t want to scar.
  2. Let the area dry out. The more it peels, the more ink you will lose.
  3. Clean it frequently. The more washing you do, the more ink you will lose.

You can begin laser treatments 30 days after the tattoo was applied, as long as your skin is completely healed.  Call me if you have any questions or would like a free consultation. 843-580-3702